Sand Timer Hourglass Black Set, Time Management System, 60 minute/1 hour & 10 minute with Protective Wooden Box - Perfect for Office Decor

Sand Hour Glass Timer

  • ★ DESIGNED TO LAST THE TEST OF TIME- Beautiful black wooden frame adds contemporary style and protects the inner glass from breaking
  • ★ 60 MIN + 10 MIN- The perfect pairing, one hour to work, workout, cook, study, whatever it is you really need to do, and 10 minutes to let your mind roam free
  • ★ PRECISE TIME- The sand timer equivalent of a Rolex, Gravity Glass is engineered in the USA to the highest quality +\- 3 minute industry standard
  • ★ LUXURY IS SILENT- You should see your sand timer not hear it, whisper quiet sand flows evenly and accurately
  • ★ OUR PLEDGE TO YOU- If you're timer arrives broken, we will send you a new one or a refund immediately. If you are not satisfied in any way, Gravity Glass is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, neither are we!

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When you can see time in its tangible form, priorities shift and responsibility grows. You can do anything for ten minutes and you can do anything for one hour. Use this visual tool to maximize productivity and enhance your overall wellbeing. The element of time is often underrated and over looked until it is visually absorbed.

Why choose Gravity Glass?

The Only Timer with Protection- Encased in a beautiful black wooden box which prevents the interior glass from breakages

The Only Time with Delivery Guarantee- If you're Gravity Glass sand timer set arrives broken or you are not satisfied in any way you will receive a full refund or replacement

The Only True Time Management Set- One hour to refine your work ethic and ten minutes to ease your mind

What are the uses of hourglasses?

Therapy- Hourglasses are used by therapists nationwide to provide a full sense of time and value provided.

Exercise- Gravity Glass sand timer set is perfect for creating healthy exercise habits, use the 10 minute for warm up/cool down and the 60 minute for exercise.

Work- Building, improving and creating healthy reliable time management systems in a fashionable style.

Meditation- When is the last time you focused on Self for an hour? Visual tools have been proven to enhance concentration.

If you only need one timer, the other makes a perfect gift for friends, family or co-workers. The bad news is that time flies, the good news is you're the pilot with Gravity Glass.

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