The Short:

ZoaLux is a small veteran owned business built on need, focused on design and determined to be unlike the rest. We deliver happiness through products.

The Long:

You leave your comfy bed and unravel the warm sheets. Shower, brush your teeth and head to work. You leave behind the comforts you value and head into the cubicle where our story begins.

Black and gray enslaves the modern worker. No warm wood tones or modernity exist in the tools you use everyday,five days a week. He loved the workplace and wanted it to love him back. He felt the hunger for something unique, something that felt like home.

The decision was made: if the marketplace couldn’t satisfy his needs, he'd have to satisfy them himself.A determined shake up was in order that started with one simple product: Office Skates. The name created an office product with personalitythat sold over 1000 sets in the first 6 months.

Today, we take a quiet and penetrating approach to bringing the comforts of home to the workspace. Our ever-expanding presence proves that office goers everywhere crave alternatives. Young entrepreneurs and businesses today now know a world where they can get products that make them feel, rather than just function. Mission accomplished.

We thank office lovers everywhere because we surely would have failed by now without their support.