Real Reviews

R. Robinson - Amazon Customer

Broke my leg and instead of having to crutch around the entire house (luckily we have 75% tile) I started using my office chair to get around, but the factory wheels were the worst of the worst for constant moving needs but I just received these tonight (thanks to amazon for 1 day shipping!!) and I had to force myself to stop moving around the house in my chair to write this review because these officeskates are legitmately the best, feels like am on a magic carpet that moves itself...dont even waste your time or money on anything else just buy these and be done with it

Emily Hodges - Amazon Customer

This transformed my chair from mediocre to amazing. Glides over multiple surfaces, doesn't mark up the floor and seems to be easier on the rug my chair is on as well. Would highly recommend and wonder how long until these are standard on all chair.

Amazon Review - Happy Customer

These things are great! Best product I have ever gotten from Amazon.

Brown007 - Amazon Customer

Product arrived quickly and item was just what we expected. We love this product for it's usefulness in large amounts of papers and keeping them contained and dry. It is nice to have a hard writing surface when you are out and about. Thank you. I would highly recommend this product and it's seller.

Joey Chen - Amazon Customer

This is truly an "hour" glass. I timed the larger one a few times with an average of 59 minutes and 47 seconds. The small one averaged 10 minutes and 27 seconds. These are very well built, good quality. I especially love the black sand. It looks great in combination with the black wooden frame. The frame protects the hour glass well.

Kennedy Paige - Amazon Customer

This is a beautiful cup holder. I use this on my dresser to organize my small items. The bamboo is gorgeous and it did not come with an odor.

Amazon Review - Happy Customer

It's a unique desk item that brings a bit of nature and fengshui into the office. I've already quadrupled my wealth and happiness in the six weeks since this business card holder arrived, so I think it's working.

Rodger Kingston - Amazon Customer

Simple and elegant; just what I was looking for.

Mark M. - Amazon Customer

Great product, I've tried others that promised to do something similar but this one is superior - I'm actually still using it daily after 3 weeks. Well-constructed and really like the mousepad off to the right.